5 Tips to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

One of the prettiest ways to give Mom a little extra love this Mother’s Day is through gifting fresh cut flowers. Flowers are a beautiful and special way to celebrate, because they serve as a visual reminder of the gesture long after the official holiday is over.

And while most Moms enjoy receiving flowers, many gifters are deterred or turned off from buying them because they can die quickly, and it can feel like a waste of money. But with a few key prep steps, and some daily TLC, fresh blooms can last for weeks.

So go ahead and spoil Mom this weekend (or any weekend for that matter!) knowing that your gift will bring joy and last longer.

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  1. Pre-Vase Prep.

    This step is not required if you buy pre-arranged flowers in a vase because the florist did this step for you, but for fresh bouquets, unwrap the flowers and lay them out on the counter. Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line, as this causes the water to get moldy. Fill up your vase with water and add plant food (more on that next). Trim the stems at an angle (helps with water uptake), and add to vase as quickly as possible.

  2. Feed Your Blooms.

    Plant food actually does help, but if your blooms came straight from the garden, or you don’t have extra plant food packets laying around, you can make your own by combining equal parts sugar and apple cider vinegar. Add to vase and mix thoroughly.

  3. Change the Water.

    Change the water on your fresh blooms every other morning. This might sound high maintenance, but this simple action will help them stay fresher longer. When you change the water, re-trim stems as needed, and make sure you also add additional plant food.

  4. Display for Freshness.

    Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight or appliances that generate heat. Also avoid open windows as they can cause them to dry out faster. Proper display placement will help them from blooming or maturing too quickly.

  5. Chill Overnight.

    Before you hit the hay, put the blooms in the fridge. The cooler temps will help slow down the aging process and will extend the vibrancy of the flowers for an extra couple days. This step is particularly helpful in the summer months.


You also do not need to spend upwards of $50 on fresh flower arrangements just to spoil someone. You can easily make your own bouquet for $10-$15!

Most grocery stores have beautiful arrangements on display when you first walk into the store. Look for arrangements that are not already wilted or browned.

Once you get home, no need to buy a vase. Simply reuse a jar from your kitchen (such as spaghetti sauce or KBCC protein products), and it will not only help out the environment, but will also make having or gifting fresh cut flowers very cost effective.

For any used jar, to remove the product label, simply fully submerge your empty jar in water for at least an hour. Once it is fully soaked, the label should slide off easily with the back of a butter knife.

And if you get a gooey label, a little Goo Gone will do the trick!

Once the label is removed, prep your flowers, add your plant food and enjoy!

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