Brown Rice Pasta FTW

Healthy eating is simple in theory. Just eat real food. That's pretty much it. No matter the diet, paleo, vegan, pegan, vegetarian, etc (we could go on forever), the reason they all get results is because they all emphasize and prioritize eating real food. 

So why is it so hard?? 

Because real food requires real food prep... and food prep requires time and energy, something that can feel very scarce at the end of a long day. (Or in the morning while getting ready for work) 


Even though I'm no longer rushing out to an office job, I still find myself short on time and energy when it comes to lunch and dinner and what to eat. Which is how I began my love affair with brown rice pasta. 

Brown rice pasta should always be in your pantry. It's one of the few "packaged" foods I fully endorse. I add the " " because while it is packaged, the ingredients are literally brown rice and water, so it's not really.  

Unlike regular brown rice, the pasta version only takes 8 minutes to cook (and by cook I mean you just toss it into boiling water and tune out on Instagram for 8 minutes... doable). 

Once it's done, simply add your sauce of choice, a protein, and toss in a frozen veggie. Voila, dinner in 10 minutes! 

Time Allotment: 


2 minute prep | 8 minute cook time


  • Brown rice pasta (my fav is the Trader Joe's brand, but any brand where the ingredients are brown rice and water will work!)
  • Sauce of choice (my favs are olive oil or marinara)
  • Protein (my fav is chicken sausage, fits in with the "no additional cooking" theme nicely. Look for brands without nitrates or added sugar)
  • Frozen veggie of choice


1. Bring water to boil and add brown rice pasta. Cover and simmer on low for 8 minutes. 

2. Heat protein of choice. I love chicken sausage because it's already cooked, so I just cut it into wheels and heat in a pan while the pasta is cooking. 

3. Heat frozen veggies of choice. I add these to my chicken sausage pan and call it a day. You can also microwave them. 

4. Drain pasta and combine heated protein and veggies with sauce of choice and enjoy!