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12 Hacks to Help You Stick to Your Workouts

Sticking to a consistent gym routine can seem about as mystical as unicorns and comfortable bras. There are periods when finding the time and motivation to work out feels easy, but then there are others where it feels impossible.

What gives?

Well let’s first acknowledge why it’s hard to stick to in the first place.

Your job.

Taking care of kids and family.

No energy because of a long day at work.

You don't know what to do at the gym and can never make a class.

It's uncomfortable, especially at first (being sore sucks, let's be real).

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Why Women Should Lift Weights

The dumbbell rack can be a scary place. Not only are there a seemingly infinite number of different exercise options, gyms can sometimes attract some odd ball characters.

The intimidation factor is real.

Most women also have no desire to sculpt huge biceps and hulk out, they just want to look and feel better. So they skip the dumbbell rack, and head to the treadmills.

I used to be one of these women.

Before becoming a trainer the extent of my “weight-lifting” routine consisted of a circuit of the same five stationary machines, always with the same weights, and always for 10 reps. I’d then finish with 20 minutes of elliptical, and call it a day.

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How (and when) to Foam Roll

Chances are you've heard of foam rollers. Or you've at least seen them stacked near the stretch mats at your gym. If you've tried one, you may have also wondered if you were using it correctly. Like, is this seemingly arbitrary rolling around motion right?!  

(Maybe that was just me)

I was formally introduced to foam rollers when I became a trainer. I had seen them before, but thought they were only for rehab, hard-core runners, or for after a workout if you were super sore.

Turns out that wasn't totally off base, they can be used for all those reasons, but foam rollers can also be used before a workout, alongside any type of exercise (not just running), and can help with injury prevention, not just the recovery after. 

Want a little backstory?

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How To: Proper Deadlift Technique

Deadlifts are by far my favorite lift. There's just something about being able to pick up a bar that's heavier than you that makes you feel like a badass. They are also my favorite lift to teach people. It's fun to watch their face light up like, whoa, I just did that! 

But they can be a bit intimidating at first. 

It's one of those lifts that looks easy when you watch someone do it, but getting your body to understand what muscles to activate and what proper form feels like can be another story. The risk of injury is real if you aren't doing it correctly. 

So is it worth it?

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Stay on Track on the Road - 25 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

Ever heard the line, "calories don't count on vacation"?

While I'm certainly all about enjoying life, especially during a special occasion (such as a fun trip), this mindset can quickly derail your fitness progress. Calories do unfortunately still count on vacation.  

<Sad face>

But it doesn't mean you have to skip the gelato, wine, and feta!  

It just means eating a little bit more strategically and rephrasing this line to, "since calories still count on vacation, how do I want to allocate them today?"

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Does It Count If You Don't Sweat?

As a personal trainer, I've seen the full spectrum of workout personalities.

On one side are the people who love to feel like they are dying, and if they aren't gasping for air or nauseous, they don't feel like they got in a good workout. These are stereotypically CrossFit and HIIT classes folks. 

On the other side is the lady on the stationary bike with zero resistance and a full face of make-up, who pedals long enough to make it through an episode of her favorite show, but short enough not to break a sweat or ruin her fresh blowout. Pilates and barre will often get lumped into this side. 

So does a workout count if you don't break a real sweat?

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How to Select the Right Weight at the Gym

Have you ever cut out a magazine workout, finally remembered to put it in your gym bag, and then once you got to the weight rack you decided to give up on it because the article only tells you what exercises to do, and not what weight you should select as well? 

(Or was this just me?)

I (obviously) wasn't always a trainer, and was definitely a typical girl who only ever used 10 pound dumbbells for sets of 10 on every exercise. It honestly never even occurred to me that I should (or could) use anything heavier. 

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6 Truths That Will Help You Feel Less Self Conscious at the Gym

Starting a new gym can take you right back to 5th grade on the first day of school. Your palms get a little sweaty walking in, you hope that your new yoga pants will make you look cool and legit, and when you get to the locker room you pray you aren't accidentally stealing that super fit girls favorite locker. 

(Favorite lockers are definitely a weird unspoken gym thing. I've seen some ridiculously petty arguments between grown women in towels fighting over "their" space. It's nuts.)  

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Avoid Injury with These 5 Warm-Up Exercises

Warm-up exercises are like dental check-ups. You know they are important, but it's also really easy to skip them. 

When I worked at my corporate job, I already felt like I deserved a gold star just for making it into the gym. I didn't need extra credit for also starting with a killer warm-up routine (I mean, who has that kind of time anyway?!).

Also, doesn't putting on a sports bra count for something???

(Side note, speaking of sports bras... I was usually getting to the gym later than I wanted, thanks boss, so I'd change out of work clothes as if I was on some timed competition, where the top prize went to the fastest outfit change... Am I the only weirdo who does this?)

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Non Treadmill Cardio

I've tried over and over again to become a "runner" but it never works, it's just not my favorite. Runners always claim that I only hate it because I've never hit that elusive runner's high, and if I were to run for 8 miles instead of 3 I'd love it. Umm, sure, whatever you say...

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Sometimes Working Out Sucks

I know, I know, I'm a Personal Trainer. I'm supposed to be the fitness champion, the one with an iron will who never misses a workout, the one who sleeps in Nikes and yoga pants and can't wait to wake up and crush weights... Well, sorry to disappoint, but that is not ALWAYS me. To be clear, I'm definitely all about that fitness life, so much so that I've made it my career, but real

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