Easy Trick to Keep Your Salads Fresh

We can all universally agree that eating more veggies is the solution to most physical ailments. Whether you are looking to lose weight, clear up your skin, increase your energy, or just feel better during the day, eating more vegetables can play a major role in helping you get there.

But consistently eating them can be a challenge. They either aren’t available when eating out (or are drowned in oils and dressings when they are), or when you bring a salad from home, it tends to get soggy by 10:30 am… which makes turning down your co-workers invite to the burger truck very challenging!

Luckily, there is an easy trick to keeping your salads fresh, even when you prep for the week ahead of time! (which we highly recommend you do!)

Store Salads Vertically,


Keeps Your veggies fresh!

By simply storing or prepping your salads vertically in a jar, you are able to keep the wilt-prone items, such as the greenery, separated and fresh. This means you can prep ahead for the week and still have a crisp salad on Friday (and you won’t need to lug around five containers just to keep it that way).

Just add carbs at the bottom, chopped veggies and protein in the middle, and fresh greens at the top. We recommend keeping the dressing on the side, but in a pinch, you can also add the dressing to the carbs at the bottom, the lettuce all the way at the top will stay protected.

When you are ready to eat, simply add dressing and shake, shake, shake! You can also change up your veggies, carbs, and protein options to keep your taste buds entertained.

Here are two of our KBCC HQ favorites:

Greek Salad.png
Spicy Salad.png

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Stock up on Protein and save the jar for your salad!

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