Favorite Water Trick

Consistent water consumption is a new thing for me (as in rarely happened until a couple of years ago). In fact, when I was younger I think I only drank water after soccer games, and maybe a sip or two with dinner. Otherwise in high school it was cherry coke, and in college it was diet coke (the "healthier" option...). Also, let's be real, in college there was a fair amount of beer, vodka sodas, and jager shots in the mix too (cringe). When I look back on not only my diet, but on my lack of water consumption, it's no wonder I had such acne issues!

Upping your water game is one of the cheapest and easiest healthy things you can do. Once you experience how hydration feels, you'll become a water guzzling maniac. So how much should you drink? Opinions vary, but I tell my clients to err on the side of more-is-better and shoot for about half your body-weight in ounces. You can always drink more, and unless you chug a gallon all at once, you won't do any harm (you might just have to use the restroom a bunch). But hey, nice excuse to take a break from the computer anyway right?!

Some people, like one of my roommates in college or my sister, seem to have no issues drinking enough water. I on the other hand, have to make a concerted effort through-out the day, otherwise I just get distracted and forget until all of a sudden around 3pm I have a headache and can't figure out why. So if you are like me, I highly recommend getting a system for helping you drink water. This can be anything from buying a fun water bottle, to using an app (yes they exist), to setting alarms in your phone. 

I've done all of the above, but right now my favorite little trick is using lemons, adds flavor and helps me keep track! Here's how it works. Slice a lemon into however many glasses of water you want to drink. I feel best when I drink ~3L a day, so using this 18 oz glass, my goal is to drink 6 of them.  After I finish a full glass, I'll throw that slice out and get a new one. I can easily see how many I still have to go, and it helps me track without being annoying or complicated. Only caveat with lemon, use a straw! The acid can be rough on tooth enamal. 


So in the words of the Most Interesting Man in the World, "Stay thirsty my friends"(but drink water, not Dos Equis).