Greek Yogurt and Honey Mask

I have struggled with acne my whole life. And when I say struggle, I mean in high school it could have been an identifying trait if you were trying to describe me to someone, like, "you know, Jess... with the acne." Good times. I tried everything too, including 2 rounds of accutane (which I wouldn't recommend, another story for another day). I've probably spent thousands of dollars over the years, trying the "next big thing" in skincare, only to usually be let down later.

Now, in my 30's, I am finally (mostly) rid of my acne. And you want to know how I finally cured it? I started drinking water and eating better food. No creams, no expensive mists, I just changed my diet and got a little more educated on how the body works. So now I'm less tempted to splurge on a $50 serum, and when I break out it's usually because I had too much dairy all at once, I didn't really drink any water the day before, or it's about to be that time of the month (period acne is still a thing occasionally). 

Because of my newfound understanding of how to best care for my skin, most of my skincare comes either from the kitchen, or something low cost like face lotion from Trader Joe's (it works great!). I still enjoy indulging on a fun new product here and there, but I've realized (at least for me), that the best skincare routine starts with what I eat and how I hydrate. This simple greek yogurt and honey mask is a fav that I do at least once a week. You're skin will drink up the moisture and feel incredibly soft after. 


  • 1-2 tbsp of plain greek yogurt

  • 1 tbsp of honey


  1. Mix ingredients together.

  2. Apply with brush (or finger, I just prefer using an old foundation brush) to face, neck, and decolletage.

  3. Let sit for 15 minutes. It will tighten as it dries, but nothing crazy like mud masks do.

  4. Rinse off in the shower and immediately moisturize.

I do this mask every Wednesday morning (I'm just a crazy creature of habit), but I'd recommend adding another day if your skin is feeling dry. I also hear from people that they never have time for things like masks. This takes all of 30 seconds to mix, 30 seconds to apply, and then you can go about your morning, make breakfast etc, and then wash it off after it's been 15-ish minutes. Really easy, get on it.