The Green Smoothie that Shouldn't Taste Good

Most green smoothies are the worst. A lot of them deserve an 'A' for effort, but how many times have you ordered one as you rush to work, only to throw it away after 3 sips because it tasted like grass? Or you suck it up and get through it as fast as possible because you refuse to let $9 go to waste?

It might just be me, but I get extra annoyed when I waste money on "heathly" things that taste awful... I mean, I'm all about the cause and eating clean, lean, and green, but come on, I work hard for that $9!! 

The healthy struggle is real. 

But fruit smoothies can also be the worst. Not in taste mind you, they are usually delicious, but they are SUGAR BOMBS. Like way worse than soda. In college my favorite was a razzmatazz smoothie from Jamba Juice because it was advertised as low fat. But check out this nutrition panel! (In particular the carbs and sugar) 


For comparison, a 20oz bottle of coke has 240 cals, 65g carbs, and 65g of sugar. Yikes Jamba Juice, yikes.

Now sugar isn't inherently bad, especially when it comes from natural sources like fruit and honey, but eating 74g in one sitting is triple the daily AHA recommended amount of 25g per day. 

The other problem with replacing a meal with a fruit smoothie, is that most are seriously lacking in protein (my college go-to only has 3g). Protein will help you stay fueled and feel fuller longer so that you don't overeat later. 

But before you write off smoothies as a lost cause, there is a way to have the best of both worlds. This lean, clean, and green machine looks a little rough on paper (umm, frozen broccoli and no peanut butter???), but tastes great and actually adds value nutritionally to your day. Check out these macros!

Cal: 367 | Protein: 32g | Carb: 46g | Fat 11g | Sugar: 24g 

Now THAT is a proper meal replacement. I chose to use dates as my sweetener because I like the flavor, but you can also add 2-3 drops of liquid stevia if you like it on the sweet side. Also, sugar from whole fruit sources are fine in moderate amounts. The fiber helps your body digest without spiking your blood sugar. 

You won't be hungry in an hour thanks to the protein content, and it's just sweet enough that you won't be tempted to eat the whole box of donut holes your co-worker just brought in. Give it a try!

Top Photo Smoothie.jpg

Time Allotment: 

~5-6 minutes prep | 2 minute clean-up


  • 1 cup raw spinach

  • 1/2 cup frozen broccoli

  • 1/4 avocado

  • 1 pear

  • 1 scoop KBCC Vanilla Protein Powder (nutritional star of the smoothie show)

  • 3 pitted dates, chopped

  • 1 cup almond milk (or favorite milk of choice)

  • 4-5 cubes of ice


  1. Place ice cubes and frozen broccoli into blender first.

  2. Add protein powder, dates, avocado, top with spinach last.

  3. Add almond milk and blend.

  4. Once smoothie is mostly blended, gradually add in the pear.

  5. Add more almond milk or an ice cube or two if needed.

  6. Pour into glass and enjoy!

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Protein Powder Smoothie.jpg



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