Instagram Worthy Kitchen Pantry for Less Than $20

If you scroll through social media anything like we do, you likely double tap on anything with a dog, or anything involving overly organized spaces. There is just something so soothing and satisfying about a perfectly organized shelf with matching labels and containers.

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So pretty, right?

But have you ever tried to get your kitchen pantry to look like this?

It can feel daunting (and expensive) to start any massive organization project. Not only are buying matching containers expensive, deciding on what style or size to go with can be really time consuming…

Luckily, with a little help from your emptied KBCC jars, it’s much easier and way cheaper than you’d think (and it just so happens to help out the environment too, win, win!).



Reusability was actually a huge factor in our package decision making process.

We’ve always been fans of the way glass looks, but the reason we chose it for our products is because we are on a mission to create wellness solutions that are not only good for you (and make your life easier), but that are also sustainable. And to us, sustainability extends beyond our bodies and to the planet.

(also, not worrying about BPA leakage or product freshness is a huge perk as well!)

By using jars we hope to help reduce the amount of plastic going to our landfills. The fact that you can reuse them to create an Instagram-worthy kitchen pantry is just the icing on the cake.

Be sure to save your jars! Our labels are removable (just soak them for ~1 hour, they will slide off easily with the back of a butter knife), and all you need to create double tap worthy labels is a $10-$15 label maker. We use a Dymo and love the old-school feel of it!

Be sure to tag us in your kitchen make-overs with #KBCCUpcycle.


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