It's OK to Take a Break

As wellness professionals who are obsessed with balance, we are always looking for new ways to encourage, inspire and help simply your healthy routine. Because the reality is, motivation is fleeting, crazy schedules get in the way of workouts, and cooking a healthy dinner after a long day is sometimes almost unbearable to even think about.

(or is that just us?)

But the fitness industry can sometimes take "fitspo" a little too far. And we don’t just mean with photos of girls in thongs "working out" at the dumbbell rack, those are just obnoxious, we’re talking about a much sneakier culprit lurking in your social media feed… we’re talking about the well-intended motivational meme.

Most are great, and often seem to be posted just for you and your mood that day (eerie sometimes isn't it!?), but there are others that seem well and good on the surface, but may inadvertently lead to some unhealthy (or unrealistic) views about progression and self improvement. For instance, this meme…

Be Better Meme.png

On the surface it seems good and well intended right? It encourages you not to compare or compete with others (something we agree with), and it focuses your attention on your journey and short term actions that you can take today. So what's not to love?

The sneaky unintended message with this type of meme however, is that you should always be progressing every day, and if you aren't able to be better than yourself yesterday, you are somehow failing and should feel guilty about it. 

Think about the last time you had an "off" day, where no matter what trick you tried, you just couldn't make yourself do something "productive". How did it feel? What internal dialogue did you have? We’re guessing it wasn’t…

"Wow, I feel really great about this Netflix and pizza day today!" 

It was probably mean, and instead of enjoying your rest day and repeating the benefits of recovery, it was most likely spent feeling bad about yourself for taking it. And seeing this meme on a bad day will undoubtedly make you feel worse about not "being better". 

Sometimes we just need to rest and have a Netflix and pizza day (or whatever your thing is). Humans are not meant to go, go, go 24/7, and progress is not a perfectly increasing line, where each day is better than the day before. It's OK to take a break sometimes. 

Everyone has different reactions and triggers, but as you scroll, pay attention to how something makes you feel. If it doesn't serve you, keep on scrolling! And don't forget that this equally valid and important meme… 

Break Meme.png

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