Our Founder Won a Top 100 Healthcare Leader Award!

A few weeks ago in Vegas, our founder, Jess Bowen, was honored with a top 100 Healthcare Leader Award at the International Forum on Healthcare Advancements (IFAH) conference. To say we are proud is an understatement!


The IFAH is dedicated to the mission of improving healthcare, by facilitating an open dialogue between different industry stakeholders. Each year they bring together some of the top minds from hospitals, manufacturers, technology providers, startups, insurers, and government agencies to talk about challenges, new and exciting technology, and to discuss areas for improvement in this incredibility important sector.

The nomination process was conducted by 35+ independent research analysts and industry experts, who searched for businesses and individuals who were actively promoting the advancement of the field. The award was judged on 5 parameters:

  1. Overall Reach - The total number of different people/group exposed to the product/service. This parameter was also directly proportional to the need of the industry.

  2. Industry Impact - The impact on the corresponding sector, based largely on public information about the person/brand.

  3. Spirit of Innovation - How well the person/brand is utilizing advancements and innovations across all sectors to bring new perspectives and solutions to the healthcare industry.

  4. Future Readiness - Looking forward and building strategically to help deal with the substantial pressure being applied to existing resources from a growing population and rising demands.

  5. Market Demand - The demand for a given product or service. The judging committee looked into the need for a product/service at scale in the corresponding industry.


Here is what Jess had to say about the award:

When I first received the call that I had been shortlisted for this award, and was being invited to participate in a phone interview, I wasn’t totally sure why they had singled out Kettlebells and Cupcakes.

To me, the bare minimum requirement for creating a product, especially one that promotes a healthy lifestyle, is quality ingredients, strict manufacturing practices, and thoughtful packaging that is better for our planet (and it has to taste good!).

Once on the phone, I was reminded that this mindset is still somewhat of the exception in the industry, and with rising healthcare costs and preventable diseases, the need for proactive healthcare solutions is greater than ever before.

I am incredibly proud of KBCC and the positive trend we represent in the healthcare industry. I am also humbled and honored to receive this award, and will continue to push boundaries because it’s the right thing to do, and to always take into account the bigger picture.

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Congratulations, Jess!

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