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Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Brownie

One of the only downsides to officially ushering in the holiday season (a.k.a. the day after halloween), is the end of daylight savings. It’s the worst. Not only is it starting to get dark earlier anyway, we are now losing an additional hour of precious evening light.

5:30pm now feels like midnight. Awesome.

Despite the early onset darkness that now plagues our country, the cure to lifting your spirits might be easier (and tastier) than you think. Make some brownies! But not just any brownies (because let’s save those calories for grandmas pie at thanksgiving), we’re talking about chocolate sea salt protein brownies!

The best part?

They don’t actually require any baking… (we know, this just made your day. Us too!)

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5 Minute Protein Brownie

Love brownies but love handles? Same here. I also don't love the hassle that baking can be after a long day, too many dishes, too many steps, hence the birth of this 5-minute brownie. Sometimes you just really want something chocolate or sweet in the afternoon or after dinner. This is perfect for either occasion. You can even eat it as a quick meal replacement if push

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