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How to Build a Better Meal Using Math

I'm one of those weirdos who loves math, numbers, and excel. If you don't believe me, ask to see my ridiculous personal finances spreadsheet, it's pretty next level nerd (I swear I'm fun at parties...). 

But you know why I love numbers? They don't lie. There is always a right and wrong answer, and it's not arbitrary or subject to any creative license. This is actually why I pursued finance in college, I liked the black and white nature of the numbers. 

When I first dove into the health and fitness world, I was excited about new numbers and technical jargon. I loved learning about the digestion system, how to get stronger using percentages of 1 rep max, and what an optimal macro breakdown might look like. 

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Blue Corn Whole Wheat Pancakes

It seems like pancakes are getting a bad rep these days. If it's not the gluten, then it's the sugar. If it's not the carbs, then it's the fat content. And these concerns aren't without merit. I mean most pancakes are pretty terrible for you. But I happen to love them, and have also lived in New York City long enough to be a brunch addict (I know, so typical). So I started playing

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Baked Bacon

I mean, do I even need to justify this one? Bacon is delicious, end of story. While it's delicious, it's not overly healthy... you know this, I know this, so I won't try and pretend that baking it all of a sudden turns it into a health food. But it will help cut down on the fat and grease content, and every once in a while it's a delicious treat to add to breakfast.

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Baked Potato Cubes

My first "real job" was working at a pancake house called Village Inn (I-Hop competitor for all you East Coasters). For a solid year on days I worked, I lived off pancakes, home fries and pie. I fully blame this job for my love of fried potatoes. There is something about the crispy borders that you get from the pan (and butter let's be real), that just isn't the same when eating a

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