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The Secret Weapon to Eating Healthy

When I first became a personal trainer, I was excited to learn how to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I was doing decent-ish on the "healthy" scorecard while at my corporate job, but struggled with consistency.

Once I started at Equinox, I dove into as many trainings and certification programs as I could. I learned new exercises and fell in love with kettlebells. I studied how the digestion system works and learned what macros are and how to measure them. 

But I still wasn't great at consistently eating at home. I'd food prep, and have healthy options ready to go, but when it came time for lunch or dinner, chicken, broccoli and sweet potato just seemed way too boring. So I'd compensate with pizza and take-out. 

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Green Chile Ground Turkey

Sometimes ground turkey can be a little dry (blah), so when in doubt, add green chile! I know, I know, I'm partial, grew up on the stuff, but I'm telling you this recipe is so flavorful, NOT dry at all, and only takes 10 minutes to make. Plus you can get the green chile from Trader Joe's (t's not that spicy) for like $3 even if you don't live in New Mexico. I suggest you put it on pretty

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Simple Baked Chicken

Life can feel pretty chaotic and complicated at times. For some reason this past week felt like one of those weeks where despite my best efforts, the house always felt out of order, somehow my electronics were never fully charged when I needed them, and I was not able to get into bed before 11 pm (but side note, did you see the Oscars announce the WRONG winner for Best

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Easy Taco Meat

I'm from New Mexico, so to say I like Mexican food is an understatement... I LOVE Mexican food, and aside from my family, it's the thing I miss most about living in the "Land of Enchantment" (you can take the girl out of NM, but you can't take the NM out of the girl). So naturally tacos are a fairly staple part of my diet, which means I rely on this easy ground beef

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