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Lunch Prep Made Simple

I am not a morning person, never have been. My mom used to wake me up for school when I was younger, and I'd sit up in bed, say something to her, and then promptly fall back asleep after she left. In college, I perfected the art of getting ready in 15 minutes or less, and used to snooze until the last possible second. 

Once I started my professional career, I had to leave slightly more time to get ready in the morning since hoodies and baseball hats were no longer an option. But I still had my routine down to the minute. If I misplaced my keys or had any expected delays, I was screwed. This also meant I had zero time for food prep at home.  

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Easy Taco Meat

I'm from New Mexico, so to say I like Mexican food is an understatement... I LOVE Mexican food, and aside from my family, it's the thing I miss most about living in the "Land of Enchantment" (you can take the girl out of NM, but you can't take the NM out of the girl). So naturally tacos are a fairly staple part of my diet, which means I rely on this easy ground beef

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