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Protein Peanut Butter Balls

Healthy snacks are a big challenge, and they are usually the thing that derails an otherwise healthy eating day. Unfortunately, over-doing it on snacks in-between meals is all it takes to halt (or even reverse) weight and fat loss progress.

The struggle is especially real when you work long hours, or are constantly on-the-go balancing errands, soccer practice and after school pickups.

So basically, if you are a human in today’s day and age, snacks are likely a struggle.

For most of us, the challenge is not having enough time to cook or chop something healthy. Not to mention the fact that even if you in theory had time, who is actually near a kitchen around 3pm?!

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How to Curb Late-Night Snacking

Most of us have no trouble passing on a sleeve of Oreos for breakfast. I mean, they are delicious, but in the morning it's easy to also recognize that they aren't nutritious.

But as the day goes on, this logic can start to break down. 

We start to rationalize why a sleeve of Oreos is a good idea. You didn't punch your annoying boss Larry in the face, that deserves something right? Or maybe it's time for a reward after a long day?

For most people, after dinner eating rituals aren't even directly tied to whether or not Larry was in the office that day. It's simpler (but potentially more challenging) than that. 

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(No) Microwave Popcorn

I don't know about you, but I love movie popcorn. There's something about the smell and texture... Mmmmm. But it's T E R R I B L E for you. I don't even want to know the full ingredient list. But microwave popcorn isn't much better, even the "healthy" ones. But have no fear, you can still have 

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Treat Yo' Self

Healthy is an art, not a science, and sometimes you just want something sweet. The good news is the health food industry has stepped up its snacks game in the past 5 years, so treating yourself doesn't have to mean completely throwing health out the window. Even at most airports now you don't have to settle for a Snickers or a vending machine.

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