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Brown Rice Pasta FTW

Healthy eating is simple in theory. Just eat real food. That's pretty much it. No matter the diet, paleo, vegan, pegan, vegetarian, etc (we could go on forever), the reason they all get results is because they all emphasize and prioritize eating real food. 

So why is it so hard?? 

Because real food requires real food prep... and food prep requires time and energy, something that can feel very scarce at the end of a long day. (Or in the morning while getting ready for work) 

Even though I'm no longer rushing out to an office job, I still find myself short on time and energy when it comes to lunch and dinner and what to eat. Which is how I began my love affair with brown rice pasta. 

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Green Chile Ground Turkey

Sometimes ground turkey can be a little dry (blah), so when in doubt, add green chile! I know, I know, I'm partial, grew up on the stuff, but I'm telling you this recipe is so flavorful, NOT dry at all, and only takes 10 minutes to make. Plus you can get the green chile from Trader Joe's (t's not that spicy) for like $3 even if you don't live in New Mexico. I suggest you put it on pretty

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Easy Taco Meat

I'm from New Mexico, so to say I like Mexican food is an understatement... I LOVE Mexican food, and aside from my family, it's the thing I miss most about living in the "Land of Enchantment" (you can take the girl out of NM, but you can't take the NM out of the girl). So naturally tacos are a fairly staple part of my diet, which means I rely on this easy ground beef

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