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Are You Hungry or Bored?

Losing weight can be infuriating. It can feel like no matter how many salads you eat for lunch, or how many times you opt for fruit instead of fries (which, should that even be legal!?), the number on the scale just does not move. What gives??

I had a client in New York a few years back who wanted to lose 20 pounds. She was ready to make changes and put in the work, so we reviewed her food and exercise habits and made a few swaps. I was actually impressed by her willingness to abandon her beloved blueberry muffin breakfast for something more nutrient dense. 

(Our connection to food is deep and complicated, and sometimes weird resistance pops up when we feel like we have to give up something we like in order to achieve something we want.)  

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Favorite Water Trick

Consistent water consumption is a new thing for me (as in rarely happened until a couple of years ago). In fact, when I was younger I think I only drank water after soccer games, and maybe a sip or two with dinner. Otherwise in high school it was cherry coke, and in college it was diet coke (the "healthier" option...). Also, let's be real, in college there was a fair amount of

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