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The Secret Weapon to Eating Healthy

When I first became a personal trainer, I was excited to learn how to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I was doing decent-ish on the "healthy" scorecard while at my corporate job, but struggled with consistency.

Once I started at Equinox, I dove into as many trainings and certification programs as I could. I learned new exercises and fell in love with kettlebells. I studied how the digestion system works and learned what macros are and how to measure them. 

But I still wasn't great at consistently eating at home. I'd food prep, and have healthy options ready to go, but when it came time for lunch or dinner, chicken, broccoli and sweet potato just seemed way too boring. So I'd compensate with pizza and take-out. 

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Perfect Classic Burger Recipe

Some of my favorite childhood memories happened in my backyard. In the summer my family would eat dinner outside because summer evenings in New Mexico are basically perfection (no humidity, need I say more?).

My dad was in charge of the grill, and my three siblings and I would run around like maniacs with our dogs (as kids do) while he cooked burgers. 

Our house was also located down the street from the park where my town hosted the annual 4th of July fireworks display. This meant my family became the unofficial host of the summer holiday.

We'd always have lots of friends over to eat watermelon and burgers, and when it was time, we'd all walk down to the park to watch the fireworks. It always was a magical evening. 

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