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Stay on Track on the Road - 25 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

Ever heard the line, "calories don't count on vacation"?

While I'm certainly all about enjoying life, especially during a special occasion (such as a fun trip), this mindset can quickly derail your fitness progress. Calories do unfortunately still count on vacation.  

<Sad face>

But it doesn't mean you have to skip the gelato, wine, and feta!  

It just means eating a little bit more strategically and rephrasing this line to, "since calories still count on vacation, how do I want to allocate them today?"

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The Morning Habit that is Killing Your Results

When I was in High School my mom was obsessed with a blog called FlyLady. FlyLady (aka Marla Cilley) is an OG blogger from the late 90's who specializes in helping you organize your home and establish simple morning routines for keeping it clean. 

My family of course teased my mom about it, but with four kids making a constant mess, I now totally get it. I've also admittedly called her numerous times for tips, because while the dishes seemed to do themselves at home, I've learned this is not actually the case in grown-up life.

(I have to do them myself everyday... AND clean the bathroom?! Ughh)  

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