The Simplest Way to Beat Winter Blues

Mid February is about the time it feels like as a collective society we are “over” winter. The early holidays have past (and the manufactured ones too, looking at you, Valentine’s Day), and now it’s just cold until who knows when. It kinda sucks.

It’s easy to joke about it with a meme on Instagram, or by sending weather screenshots to your friends with ??? as the comment, but on the real, the cold weather can be depressing. There’s little to no incentive to go outside, the sun has been on vacation for months, and even quick trips to Target feel like too much work…

(and if Target can’t get you outside, nothing will, let’s be honest)

If this is resonating with you, you aren’t alone! Seasonal depression is very real, and acknowledging that it exists and that it is a completely normal season of time for millions of people around the world is really important.

For me, it’s actually a huge reason why I left New York City. After 10 years of bundling up for the subway (and then overheating because they crank up the heat), and stepping in the gross black-melted-snow lakes that accumulate on every street corner, I had had enough.

So I moved to Los Angeles.

I moved in July and it was amazing through December (like I bought a Christmas tree in a tank top). But in January, the clouds started rolling in, and despite living in much warmer temps, by mid-February that all-too-familiar blue feeling was back like an unwanted house-guest.

It forced me think about seasonal depression differently. I learned to have more empathy for people who I kinda secretly thought didn’t “deserve” to feel bummed out in winter because they weren’t literally walking to work in the elements like I was. I realized that feeling bummed in February isn’t just about the temps…

It’s about the settling in of the new year (and potential feelings of falling short).

It’s about not having holidays or celebrations to look forward to.

It’s about grinding so you can rest on vacation later.

It’s about anticipation, waiting for the arrival of spring and renewed energy.

And yes, it’s about dealing with no sun and less-than-stellar weather.

If you are feeling a little unmotivated, bummed out, or even indifferent right now, know that it’s completely normal and ok (and it’s also acceptable to complain about the weather, it’s a factor!). During these months, I’ve found that the simplest way to beat winter blues on a day to day level is to indulge in a simple pleasure.

Buy yourself a latte in the afternoon, light a candle you love when you get home from work, or watch “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” for the 47th time when it comes on TV. Gift yourself a little grace, patience, and self-love. It can go a long way during this last stretch to spring.

The simplest way to beat winter blues is to indulge in a simple pleasure.

My favorite (and honestly easiest) cure for the winter blues is to add fresh flowers somewhere around the house. Everything in nature feels dead, so bringing fresh blooms into your home will instantly add color, warmth, and life, even if the sun refuses to make an appearance.

And just in case you tossed the vase from your last flower delivery because it was a weird colored glass finish (why do they even make that red glass vase?!), we’ve got you covered! While the reuse possibilities are endless, we think flowers are one of the prettiest ways to repurpose finished KBCC product jars. Our labels are easy to remove (see instructions below), the jars are timeless, and they will spark a lot of joy with flowers in them.

(obsessed with Marie Kondo, anyone else?)

Also, Trader Joe’s sells the best affordable bouquets. I picked up this bunch during a grocery run for only $8. Pretty low investment for something that makes me smile all week when I look over and see it.

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To easily remove label:

  1. Run through dishwasher first. This step isn’t required, but I’m lazy and would rather let my machine wash away the powder residue.

  2. Submerge in water and soak for 30-60 minutes. Or more realistically, just toss in water, go about your day, and come back later when you remember.

  3. Use the back edge of a butter knife to scrap off the label. Once it’s fully soaked, it comes off super easily.

  4. Add blooms and enjoy! I am storing mine on this gorgeous old cupboard that I found on the side of the road a few weeks back. Why someone just discarded this beauty is beyond me, but we rescued it from a pool of water and with some good old-fashion deep cleaning, it came right back to life.


We are rounding the corner on this month, hang in there and cheers to spring being just around the corner!

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