The Real Carrie Bradshaw

Dear Reader, 

Welcome! This post is something I've been trying to publish for the last 7 years. I actually wanted to start a blog when I first moved to NYC in 2007, but thought that without any cool hobbies or skills to showcase, I didn't have anything to write about. At least that was my 23 year old insecure rationale... 

Well fast forward to my wiser (so I thought) 26 year-old self, and I had finally written my first blog entry. And I had a name for the blog, score! Here's an excerpt:

    Carrie Bradshaw - the muse for my original blog idea.

    Carrie Bradshaw - the muse for my original blog idea.

I am a 26 year old New Yorker, well kind of, I’m not from here but few people actually are. My Monday through Friday is spent sitting in an ergonomically designed chair, staring at a computer screen for 10-12 hours a day for one Fortune 500’s top 10 employers. When I moved here 3 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. Actually, I still have no idea, hence the reason I’m writing today. I feel sorely unprepared for this thing called a career. It’s not the actual work that bothers me, but that I do not feel satisfied at the end of the day. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; I feel drained and unfulfilled. I’m not challenging myself anymore, and I am too tired to take up any sort of hobby. So instead, I’m going to journey forth and discover one, and I’m taking you with me.

Brutal right? The blog was going to be called, The Real Carrie Bradshaw, and it was intended to chronicle my journey through adulthood on my quest to find my passion, and happiness in this crazy city called Manhattan. To no one's surprise, this never turned into the thriving, witty, interesting blog I imagined... because it was depressing and I never actually created it.    

Now fast forward to about a year ago. A lot happened in those 6 years, and I was still wishing I would have blogged my way through it. I couldn't get this original post or my dream of having a blog out of my head. So I registered for a WordPress site, copied the above text from my first draft, and added the below to it: 

I have wanted to start a blog for YEARS. I mean, moving to NYC from small town New Mexico screams entertaining blog right? Well the problem with stumbling through adulthood as an out-of-place 23 year old trying to make a name for herself, is that while navigating this crazy city IS entertaining, and people COULD learn from my mistakes, I didn't want to be THAT girl. The sh*t show. The girl who interviewed for a job at Goldman Sachs in a Gap cotton t-shirt and sweater with flower appliques (true story, not sure how I got the job, I'll tell you about it some other day). The girl who had never ordered anything but a Bud Light at a bar, and had never heard of Bloomingdale's. I didn't want to build an identity on truth, I wanted to bury my insecurities as deep down as possible, and I instead became queen of fake it till you make it.

There was more at the end about how I finally found my passion in health and fitness and so on and so forth, but this blog never saw the light of day either. But it's because I was hoping it would help give me the courage to start my business, which is what I've REALLY been wanting to do all these years.

So third times a charm. I now have my business and I'm so excited to share it with you. This post is dedicated to my 23, 26, 32, and 33 year old self (click and hover on photos below), so that we can finally bury the real Carrie Bradshaw. But Kettlebells and Cupcakes is for you! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! :) 

In good heath, 


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