Two Questions For a New Month

I love that we bucket time into months, don't you? When one ends and another begins, we get to start over and try again.  

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty ready to say goodbye to March. 

The weather was meh (even for California), I got violently ill at the beginning on the month, and I locked myself out of my apartment on a Sunday morning... which meant I had to wait for a locksmith in sweat pants and no bra, awesome.  

But yesterday, to kick off April, I had a great catch-up with an old friend. We are both entrepreneurs, and we try to catch up at the beginning of each month to chat about highs and lows from the month before, and set a few intentions for the month to come. 

If I had been catching up with anyone else, I probably would have described March as "rough" and we would have moved on. But when my friend asked me to start with my highs, I realized I actually had a great month! 

In March I finished a free guide that I've been working on for what feels like forever (you can check it out here!), I re-started my weekly newsletter (grab the free guide, you'll be added to the list!), and I wrapped up a year long nutrition coaching certification (it's still fun to get diplomas 🤓).

So my bone-headed morning of forgetting keys was still annoying, and there were still a few other less-than-awesome things that happened to justify categorizing March as a "rough" month.

But instead of only focusing on the bad, re-framing my "how was your month" recap into two distinct categories allowed me to celebrate some significant wins as well.

(Which in turn got me excited to tackle goals in April! Win!)

There are a few different ways you can frame these questions, go with what resonates more with you (or ask both ways!).


1. What was the high? 

2. What was the low? 


1. What am I proud of? 

2. What can I work on? 

You can apply these questions to everything from health and fitness goals, to projects at work and personal growth aspirations, to spending better quality time with friends and family.

I actually recommend spending a few minutes on each category. To make this easier, I created a Monthly Reflections Worksheet. Print it out, and take a few minutes to fill out.

If you have a trusted friend, I HIGHLY recommend swapping notes. It's so helpful to write out (or verbalize) the good and the could be better. It will help you move from reaction mode to action mode in the new month ahead. 

My inbox is always open to you, and I love hearing about what's going on in other people's world (it's a huge reason why I love being a Personal Trainer). Send me your highs and lows! You can pick one category or hit me with all of them. It feels great to get it out of your body and see it on a page.

Start fresh, and cheers to a new month ahead!