Why September is The Best for Healthy Routines

You know it’s the official end of summer when you start to see pumpkin spice lattes being advertised. Every year it feels a little too early (but it seems like Starbucks starts earlier and earlier every year…), but it’s also nice to be ushered into a new season.

And PSL’s are delicious.


Summer will always our favorite, but what is great about fall is the return of routine (and sweatshirts). Maybe it’s our inner school kid coming out, but we believe that September is the best month for getting back to your goals.

Even if you aren’t as nostalgic about back to school as we are, here are three major reasons September is kind of the best for healthy habits (and how you can take advantage!).

1. The temps are in the Goldilocks zone.

It’s not too hot and not too cold, it’s just right! This means that walking to the gym isn’t uncomfortably hot or unbearably cold. It means that you can turn on your oven without passing out from heat exposure. And for most states, especially our east coast friends, this delicate weather window doesn’t last long, so take advantage!

2. You probably already took your summer holiday.

Which is great! As you should. But now that you’ve had your fun in the sun, you’re likely mentally back from vacation and are ready to hit up your to do list.

3. The kids are back in school.

Even if you don’t have kids yourself, the vibe in the office changes when class is back in session. There are less people requesting days off, and because it’s still light outside, and the weather is delightful. The mood in the office generally seems ready for productivity.


So how can you take advantage?


1. Join a gym, or a studio, or sign up for a fall race.

This is the perfect time to get back on the fitness band wagon. Most places even run fall specials, so you can likely get a discount or even a month for free.

2. Start cooking again!

When the sun is beating down, it’s very difficult to stay motivated in the kitchen. But now that temps are cooling down, it’s the perfect time to eat a home again. Aim to replace 2-3 meals you normally eat out with home-cooked options. It will save you money and your waistline will thank you. Also, soup. You must try this one.

3. Join a fitness community.

Fitness isn’t a meant to be done alone. One of the best ways to keep yourself accountable is to link up with other like minded people. This is why the KBCC Community is one of our favorite features in our signature fitness app. Each time someone completes a workout, it’s logged for other members to see. Sometimes all need is this little nudge to get going! Even if you just link up with a friend for accountability, don’t go it alone.

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