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Clean ingredients deserve clean packaging.


Reinventing sustainable wellness. Do good for your body, do good for the planet.


real ingredients and delicious taste — no fillers ever

100% recyclable glass packaging — no BPA leakage

take control of your wellness — feel empowered

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Results without compromise.

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To maintain your goal weight without giving up your favorite foods.

To have beautiful hair, skin, and nails without expensive procedures.

To receive real world solutions that last beyond the 30-day challenge.

To feel confident in your own skin.


We believe it starts with protein.

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Adding collagen to my morning coffee has made a huge difference in my hair and nails.

Stephanie - Hermosa Beach, CA

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How does it help?

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Protein is vital macro-nutrient that helps your body produce things like enzymes, hormones, and antibodies.

Without the proper amount of protein each day, your body will have a hard to functioning in an optimal way.

So don’t always write off a headaches and brain fog!

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Collagen is a protein peptide found in hair, skin, and nails, as well as important connective tissues.

Think shiny hair, strong nails, and smooth skin!

Our natural collagen production starts to decrease in our mid-twenties, and must be replenished through food.

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Most women are protein deficient.


We tend to prefer less meat, not a bad thing, just means less daily protein naturally.

Quick protein sources are not always an available, which leads to underconsumption.

Work, kids, and relationships are first, which means food prep comes second.


Effortlessly fill in the gaps.


I make a smoothie every morning. It’s so easy, tastes great, and I stay full until lunch.

Jinelle - Fairfield, CT


Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Too busy to make breakfast? Too tired from a long day at work to make a real dinner?

We got you covered! 1 scoop of KBCC protein = 15g of plant based organic protein.

Real ingredients you can pronounce.

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Enhance your morning coffee (or tea!) with our unflavored collagen powder.

It mixes easily into any hot beverage, and with no taste, it’s like magic in your joe!

Coffee with benefits? Yes please!

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We spent over a year perfecting our protein powder flavors and mouth feel.

Basically, we were tired of wasting money on chalky powders that didn’t taste good.

Your money back guaranteed!


Get started here.

Choose Your Product

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Unflavored Collagen

(BFF for your hair, skin and nails)

Vanilla Protein Powder

(Sidekick to help you stay fuller longer)

Chocolate Protein Powder

(PIC to help you fight against overeating)

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We are Inspired by modern women

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You can achieve amazing results without a restrictive diet.

You can look better in your 30’s than you did in your 20’s.

Your wellness routine can be practical and repeatable.

Your wellness products can support you and give back.